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BizPort Services provide valuable HR documents that can save you time and help your employees & contractors feel valued and appreciated.


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Top Features list to manage all HR Modules

  • Get Digital Signatures on HR documents from your employees
  • Task manager - to assign tasks to your employee
  • Form builder – create custom inductions and data collection forms
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  • We meet your specific requirements with the accurate level of support – at the right price.

    BizPort HR

    You only pay for the modules you need today - with the flexibility to add more later.

    Value to the size of your business

    Value to the size of your business - our pricing is based on the total number of workers in your business.

    Support Services

    Choose from a number of support levels based on your requirements.

    Streamline your HR operations with our customisable industry-specific documents

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    Contract Managment

    Performance Management

    Leave Management

    Employee Exists

    Job Descriptions

    Employee Onboarding


    Timesheet Management

    Employee Contracts

    Contractor Contracts

    Accounting Integration

    Select HR -Support Tiers

    Choose the support level you need today - with the flexibility to change later.

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    Tier 1

    You do it all and just use our Portal for your records

    Tier 2

    You want to have us provide remote support - on call

    Tier 3

    You want us to check remotely on a regular basis of how your Team are keeping everything up to date

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