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Bizport services provide valuable Safety, documents, policy, procedures & practices that can solve your hours and help your employees and contractors feel valued and well looked after.


Simplify Health, Safety and Environment with Our Intuitive Dashboard

Efficiency at Your Fingertips: BizPort Safety Modula- Enables Seamless Inspections, Issue Capture, Task Management, Clear Communication, and Team Safety for Businesses of All Sizes

Revolutionize Safety Management - Inside Out

The BizPort platform empowers you to streamline safety protocols and processes, ensuring a simple, quick, and cost-effective approach. Embrace the future of safety management and save valuable time, all within one comprehensive solution."



Discover our intelligent and adaptive forms technology, offering seamless drag-and-drop customization, and embedded conditional logic. With a wide array of over 15+ response types, our platform ensures unmatched versatility and ease of use.

  • Tailor-Made Checklists and Forms: Effortlessly design your own or choose from our library of prebuilt templates, perfect for recurring audits.
  • Efficient Audit Management: Assign audits to designated personnel and stay on track with timely notifications and reminders.
  • Enhance Your Forms: Empower your data collection with 16 diverse items, optimizing and customizing your forms for maximum impact.

Document Management

Unlock access to our industry-specific, HSE-compliant documentation, customized with your business name and logo, allowing seamless sharing with your team for online form completion.

  • Ensure Safety Compliance with Ease: Access and share our comprehensive library of ISO Ready pre-built documents—over 50+ core modules—to align seamlessly with regulations.
  • Enhanced Document Management: Utilize our PDF Editor to upload your own safety documents and create fillable online forms, streamlining your business processes for increased efficiency.
  • Secure and Convenient Digital Signatures: Facilitate faster approvals with digital signatures, accessible from any device, further streamlining your operations while reducing costs.

Task Management

Empower your teams to efficiently prioritize and conquer their workload together. BizPort provides a user-friendly and adaptable task management system, ensuring seamless task organization and productivity.

  • Efficient Task Assignment: Assign tasks quickly and accurately to the appropriate team member within your business, optimizing productivity and workflow management.
  • Enhanced Accountability: Guarantee accountability throughout your projects with essential features like due dates and reminders, ensuring timely completion of tasks and meeting deadlines effectively.
  • Streamlined Progress Monitoring: Stay on top of progress and deadlines effortlessly, gaining insight into your colleagues' ongoing tasks, fostering collaboration, and facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Dynamic Task Editing: Adapt your strategies on the fly by easily editing tasks, responding promptly to unfolding events and ensuring a flexible approach to project management.

Multi-Site Management

Our Multi-Site and Authorization Management solutions enable centralized control over all business locations, allowing you to efficiently track performance across branches and make well-informed decisions. With our Authorization Management feature, you gain precise control over team member access and permissions, ensuring seamless collaboration while maintaining data security between departments.

  • Effortlessly track incidents and hazards across different locations, empowering associated managers to monitor and implement controls specific to each branch.
  • Streamline the oversight of inductions, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), and SWMs (Safe Work Methods) in every branch, ensuring compliance and consistency throughout the organization.
  • Take full control of document permissions and actions for each team member, enabling efficient access management while maintaining security and data integrity.

Our pricing structure is thoughtfully tailored to meet your specific requirements, much like our support services levels.

BizPort Safety

Only pay for the application modules you need today with the flexibility to add more later.

Value to the size of your business

BizPort user based pricing is based on the total number of workers in your organisation.

Support Services

Choose from a number of BizPort Support Services based on your requirements and resource needs.

Choose the Modules your business needs to ensure it complies with its Safety Requirements

The BizPort Safety platform is designed to give you flexibility to offer modularity and configurability. With an extensive selection of 50+ core modules and the option to create custom ones, our customers can choose appropriate solutions for them to provide both Compliance & ensure worker Safety within a unified platform.

1) Select Modules
Standard Safety Modules

These modules are always included as they are core critical modules

Policy & Procedures

Emergency Plan

Worker Management

Hazard Identification

Fire Safety


Incident Reporting

Hazardous Chemicals

Optional Safety Modules

Select the modules you are interested in


Management Plans

Display Screen Equipment (DSE)

Chain Of Responsibility Basic

Chain Of Responsibility Extensive

Psychological Health

Contractors Management

Risk Assessment(RA) & Permit to Work

Standard Operating Procedures(SOP)

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS)

Contract Workers

Lone Worker Management

Ergonomic Assessment

Head Office & Branch Reporting

Remote Worker Management

As these are just an example of the modules available - If you do not find a module you require -please contact us to discuss.

Select Safety -Support Tiers

Choose the support level you feel you need - if you need full set up support select that if after a while you feel you don't as much support-simply advise us and we change the support level for you.

2) Select Support Tiers Level

Level 1

You do it all and just use our Portal for your records

Level 2

You want to have us provide remote support - on call

Level 3

You want us to check remotely on a regular basis of how your Team are keeping everything up to date

Level 4

You prefer we check remotely as well as occasionally go onto your business site to physically check everything is OK

Level 5

It is more time & cost beneficial from you & your business for us to do as much of the complete services & support as possible and to update you with an overall performance report

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