BizPort Services - Quality

BizPort Services offer a valuable collection of documents that can save you hours, enabling your business to operate at a high-quality management level without the demanding and costly process of obtaining ISO certification.

Flexible Service Program Stages Tailored to Your Business Needs

BizPort Services will guide you through these stages, depending on the chosen level and service support you opt for. We understand that you may have capable staff to handle many of these quality competence stages but may lack the time to coordinate them. Alternatively, you might prefer BizPort Services to act as a complete external resource to manage and execute this Service Program in your business, which can provide time and cost efficiencies. The decision is yours to make.

There are 3 levels of services levels we can provide :

Select a level of Quality Service Program that suits your need

Level Q1

Ideal for small businesses looking to comply with the basic standards of business quality processes and doucmentation .

Level Q2

For small to medium sized businesses needing more documentation and in depth processes & records.

Level Q3

For businesses wishing to achieve best practice in their business management.

Select Quality -Support Tiers

Choose the support level you feel you need - if you need full set up support select that if after a while you feel you don't as much support-simply advise us and we change the support level for you.

2) Select Support Tiers Level

Level 1

You do it all and just use our Portal for your records

Level 2

You want to have us provide remote support - on call

Level 3

You want us to check remotely on a regular basis of how your Team are keeping everything up to date

Level 4

You prefer we check remotely as well as occasionally go onto your business site to physically check everything is OK

Level 5

It is more time & cost beneficial from you & your business for us to do as much of the complete services & support as possible and to update you with an overall performance report

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